Here's the answers to some common questions that we are asked about FlexShooter heads....


  • Q. Are the heads suitable for making movies and videos?
  • A. Well yes they are very stable hence you can shoot without the need to lock everything up, Motion wise they are obviously not as good as a fluid head system, which is custom made for video use. But with the addition of a video panning handle (fits onto lens plate, sold separately) it is possible to track subjects in motion smoothly.

  • Q. Is the long lens replacement foot essential when using a long lens?
  • A. Essential no, advisable yes yes and yes. It makes using the lens so much easier and it's much quicker to set the centre of balance. So we think it is essential for complete satisfaction and the best operation.

  • Q. What warranty is offered as standard and what happens if I get a fault?
  • A. We offer 1 year warranty as standard. In the unlikely event you get a breakdown just contact HQ from their main website and they will sort you out. 

  • Q: I centred the bubble so the head is level, but in the viewfinder the horizon doesn't look level?
  • A: Ok first check if the lens collar is in the proper position and also that your mounting plate is properly aligned (for mounting on lens foot this should be exactly in the direction of the lens, for camera mounting it must be horizontal underneath.

  • Q: My telephoto lens doesn’t stay in place as it should, it flops forward/backward.
  • A: It's vital that your kit if perfectly balanced when first attaching to the head, so spend time getting it's centre of balance perfect. The centre of gravity must be right above the Flexline head for it to work as designed.

  • Q: I cannot mount it on a tripod
  • A: Check your tripod’s screw, it can’t be longer than 8mm.

  • Q: Can I use it for Panoramas?
  • A: Yes the FlexLine is great for panoramic photography as by design, tends to move only in the horizontal plane. But for correct operation you must take the time to set up the centre of gravity perfectly. 

  • Q: I cannot move the lever on he outer housing as it is stuck against the ball and has no more room to move!
  • A: Ahhh we thought of that, just pull it out, twist and you are then free to move it

  • Q: The silver knob looks very small, how can I secure the head with sufficient force ?
  • A: The securing mechanism requires very little input force, only a light movement with two fingers. It is very easy, even in gloves with cold hands.

  • Q: In what temperature ranges can I use the heads?
  • A: They have been tested and used from the Arctic to the Equator in all kinds of weather from -30 to 40 Celsius.

  • Q: Can use it in rain?
  • A: Yes, after that you should let it dry naturally.

  • Q: It is usable with the outer ball as a traditional ballhead, can I use the center ball (silver knob) in a vertical position of the camera?
  • A: For advanced users we recommend that, but first get a feel of the head. You can also use an L bracket of course.



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