Welcome to the FlexShooter Accessories page, we have a collection of cool accessories that are designed specifically to work with your FlexShooter head and which will help you nail that perfect shot......




twinshooterTwin shooter

Here at FlexShooter we always try to respond to photographers to give them what they need, it's the company ethos. So when one of our photographers on assignment asked to mount two camera systems onto one FlexShooter Pro head we came up with the Twin Shooter.

It's a special mounting plate that fits directly onto the FlexShooter head and allows you to mount two long lens based systems as shown. So you can shoot with a 600mm lens and a converter and right next to it have a 100-400mm for a wider shot. Mounted together, with all the benefits of the FlexShooter heads, allowing for two compositions at the same time!!!

Check the video below to see it in operation and when you buy it don't forget the setup video in the Getting Started section. 







Canon / Nikon BigFoot



Long lenses such as the Canon / Nikon 200-400, 300 f2.8, 400 f2.8, 500 f4 and 600 f4 come with a very small lens foot. This is pretty useless when trying to mount to a tripod head as it's too small to centre the balance and can easily twist as it's just got one screw to hold it in place. So we made the BigFoot for you. It’s our own range of replacement lens feet. They use your existing screws, take 5 minutes to change, have Arca Swiss plates built in and are all very low profile so they will not snag with your lens hood. Plus they all integrate seamlessly with the cool BigFoot Sling to make carrying long lenses effortless. All have been manufactured to ensure that you can add 1.4x and 2x converters and still have enough play to set the centre of balance. operation. We have several different plates for different lenses so make sure you order the correct one from our store, we have a buying guide for you there to make sure that you do!!!




The evolution of the ballhead

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